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Your donation goes a long way. We really appreciate every effort given. You help educate a child and keep our cause alive.


We are fundraising for various projects see our calendar for more info.


To participate in our various projects just email us at volunteer@theangelsfoundation.org for modeling and campaign ads email casting@theangelsfoundation.org


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Modeling for a Cause

More than pretty faces, our models are examples of humanitarian living. Traditional stereotypes have often forced young women to feel like they need to choose between feeling beautiful and being mindful and strong. We are bringing the modeling profession into the 21st century and showing girls and young women that they can be both. Young people around the world are given opportunities to be positive change in their communities by being part of projects such fashion show food drives, outreach to the homeless, and inspirational speaking to young people.

Whether in front of the camera, on the catwalk, or in the soup kitchen, our models are able to live out their desire to be positive change in the world.

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